Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How to Change your Oil

For all of you noobs who have never done it before and would like to give it a whirl.

1-Get all the needed materials (oil, Jack, oil filter, drain pan, jack stands, basic set of wrenches or ratchets)

2-jack up the car. you will need to get under the front end. (make sure that it is securely up, you dont want it to fall on you)

3-locate the drain plug on the oil pan--->

4-place the drain pan under the drain plug, loosen the drain plug and take it off (make sure not to drop it into the drain pan, its not fun to fish for it in a bucket of oil.)

5-let the oil empty from the pan.

6-take off the oil filter.(this will have oil in it, so be careful not to spill when taking it off)--->
7-take a dot of oil from your new supply and wipe the rubber rim of the oil filter with it. (this will keep it from melting on and make sure that it is lubed)
8-put on the new oil filter. (keep it hand tight)
9-run some of the new oil down through the engine. this will help clean out the old oil so that there isnt any left when the new oil goes in.
10-replace the drain plug.
11-fill the oil back up to the correct amount. (this is specified in the owners manual)
12-take the car down from the jack and go!!
I personally like to use Royal Purple oils and K&N filters. dont go with the cheapies, oil that is better quality is better for your engine

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