Friday, March 30, 2007

10 Tricks for better Milage

I was reading "FOUR WHEELER" magazine and they had an article on how to achieve better gas milage.What do you guys think about it?If you feel there are more tips or better tips lets here it. Im trying to find the best least expensive ways to achieve good gas milage.

1~ Regear your axles after you install bigger tires.(recalibrate the speedo too.Other wise your odometer will fool you into thinking your mpg is worse than it actually is)
2~Consider an overdrive unit for your juice transmission if you a three-speed.Swapping in a stick tranny in place of an automatic will give you a milage benifit too,but it'll cost a bit money and sweat equity.(personally i dont understand the full benifit of this one.)
3~Make sure your engine and fuel-delivery system are in their proper state of tune.Improper carb jetting,clogged injections and filters,improperly gapped spark plugs,or a wirn-out O2 sensor can all degrade milage.
4~Consider upgrading your air filter and exhaust components to freer-flowing aftermarket parts.Many can vastly improve intake and exhaust flow- and with it,milage.They can also get you more power (Do they make intake that are still good for off roading?I heard that the aftermarket intakes are bad.Like when you get into mud and deep water etc)
5~Use synthetc lubes.They cost more but they do reduce the wear on internals.
6~Make sure you tires are properly inflated and aligned.
7~Install an electric cooling fan in place of the stock beltdriven piece.This can get more power too
8~Weight! Reduce the weight as much as you can everypund counts.
9~If your truck runs ac run it only when you truely need it.
10~Watch how you drive.Short trips,jackrabbit starts, and too-high (or too low) revving can hurt milage.

taken seperatly each step might only improve 1 mile per gallon or so..but add the all together and you can have some real gains.Im not sure about all of them but i did think it was an interesting article.Hope you all liked it.

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