Saturday, April 7, 2007


What is the first car that comes to mind when you think of what an elderly person would drive? I would have to say:Ford-crown victoria, Mercury-grand marquis, Lincoln-towncar, caddilacs, Oldsmobile.....Am I right?
This stereotype seems to have changed. It seems like old people are now driving minivans.
why is this you say? think about it. they dont have to get down on the ground just to sit in it. Most minivans sit about the same height as a chair, or are easily accessable without strain of getting in and out. Just like parents they can take their whole family in it with comfort. they are simple yet luxurious. my own moms mini van is nicer on the inside than my crown victoria.
My own granfather has one. he gave his lincoln towncar to us. My other grandfather has had three of them.
No longer the soccer mom vehicle?
Seems like a good idea to me. I just found that interesting.


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