Monday, July 21, 2008

A Real and Full Beauty: Found in God?

I have been amazed at the beauty I have found in Germany, and I absolutely love this country. I just wish that I could speak the language. For our first week in Germany we spent it in Berlin and did a lot of touring the city and learning more about the city and the history of Germany and Berlin. Its cool to see things that were a major part of German history that were around when I was alive (a baby), like the wall.
I can't forget about the T.V. Tower put up by the CCCP and the park surrounding it.
What about the Brandenburg gate?
The Things that Impressed me the most in Germany......well.....Berlin at least, weren't the main tourist and historic sites (though they were amazing). The things that impressed me most were the Cathedrals.
The Berliner Dom
The German DomeThe French DomeThese Cathedrals were amazingly detailed and Beautiful, but why were they built like that. Maybe I'm Wrong, but aren't they built for the glory of God? We serve a great, creative and beautiful God and so why shouldn't the places we worship be beautiful. A building can't nearly reflect Gods beauty and glory, but why should they be plain and boring? The Beauty of these cathedrals were amazing and it was more pleasing to look at than any other building. It seems to me that Building that are built by man for the purpose or ego of man quickly loose their beauty and amazement. Right now in Chicago they are starting to build the tallest building in the world, to show it off for the 2010 Olympics. This was done once with the Sears tower and cool as it may be, it looses its glory very quickly.......yay.....a tall building. What about the Eiffel Tower?........yay......a large skeletal structure. Such things seem to loose interest very quickly, but why? Seems to me that they were made for the glory of man and not the glory of God. The Cathedrals which were meant for the glory of God to be a sacred place have such a greater beauty, God shows from all over the building and it seems to keep its beauty longer and for a greater purpose.

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