Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Gift from God

I have been playing guitar more and leading worship a few times. Something I have rarely dome before. I am still lower level guitar player, So I am working on that.
A few weeks ago I was trying to sell my Playstation Portable(PSP) and my acoustic guitar, but it wasn't working out. I tried going to local pawn shops to trade them in for a nice acoustic/electric. At all the shops I went to they would only give me $120 for both of those items, and the guitars were at least $200
I went into one one shop and found a guitar That I liked. I asked the lady there about trading those items for that guitar, but the owner of the shop was not in. So I waited a while and played, then talked with her for a while. She was a Christian lady who had supported YWAM since she had moved to Texas. When the Owner Got back (Her son), she told him who we were and what we were doing. Thought the trade was in my favor, he did the trade directly for the guitar. He said "I know you will put the guitar for good use for a good purpose.".
So that is my Gift from God. I am trying my best to put it to good use and learn to play better

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