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God’s desire for relationship with us!!

Written by a friend of mine.

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God’s desire for relationship with us!!

You guys when I read what I'm about to share with you in the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge, I was totally and completely overwhelmed. It brought me to tears because i had never thought about God in that perspective. So, i just have to share this with ya'll! When you read it, really think about it and make the comparison that its bringing across between God and His purpose for putting Woman on earth. Its incredible so brace yourself!! :)

God's Heart For Relationship

"The vast desire and capacity a woman has for intimate relationships tells us of GOD'S vast desire and capacity for intimate relationships. IN FACT THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE EVER LEARN ABOUT GOD- THAT HE YEARNS! FOR RELATIONSHIP WITH US.
If you have any doubt about that, simply look at the message he sent us in Woman. Not only does God long for us, but he longs to be loved BY US. Oh, how we've missed this! How many of you see God as longing to be loved by you? We see him as strong and powerful, but not needing us, vulnerable to us, yearning to be desired. But as I wrote in Wild at Heart,

After years of hearing the heart-cry of women, I am convinced beyond a doubt of this: God wants to be loved. He wants to be a PRIORITY to someone. How could we have missed this? From cover to cover, beginning to end, the CRY of God's HEART is, "Why won't you choose me?" It is amazing to me how humble, how vulnerable God is on this point. 'You will find me,' says the Lord 'when you seek me with all your heart'(Jer. 29:13). In other words, 'Look for me, pursue me-I want you to pursue me.' Amazing. As Tozer says, 'God waits to be wanted.'

Can there be any doubt that God wants to be sought after? The first and greatest of all commands is to love Him, (Mark 12:29-30, Matt. 22:36-38). He WANTS us to love Him. A woman longs to be sought after, too, with the whole heart of her pursuer. God LONGS to be DESIRED. Just as a WOMAN longs to be desired. This is not some insecurity on the part of a woman, that deep yearning to be desired. 'Take me for longing,' Alison Krauss sings, 'or leave me behind.' God feels the same way. Remember the story of Martha and Mary? mary chose God, and Jesus said that THAT is what he wanted. 'Mary has chosen what is better' (Luke 10:42). She chose me.

Life changes dramatically when romance comes into our lives. Christianity changes dramatically when we discover that it, too, is a GREAT ROMANCE. That God yearns to share that life of beauty, intimacy, and adventure with us. 'I have loved YOU with an EVERLASTING love' (Jer. 31:3). THIS WHOLE WORLD WAS MADE FOR ROMANCE-THE RIVERS AND THE GLENS, THE MEADOWS AND BEACHES. FLOWERS, MUSIC, A KISS. But we have a way forgetting all that, losing ourselves in work and worry. EVE- God's message to the world in feminine form-invites us to romance. Through her, God makes romance a PRIORITY of the UNIVERSE.

So God endows Woman with certain qualities that are essential to relationship, qualities that SPEAK OF GOD. She is INVITING. She is VULNERABLE. She is TENDER. She embodies MERCY. She is also FIERCE and FIERCELY DEVOTED. As the old saying goes, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' That's just how God acts when he isn't chosen. 'I the Lord your God, am a JEALOUS God who will not share your affection with any other god!' (Exodus 20:5) A WOMAN'S RIGHTEOUS JEALOUSY SPEAKS OF THE JEALOUSY OF GOD FOR US.

Tender and inviting, intimate and alluring, fiercely devoted. Oh yes, our God has a passionate, romantic heart. Just look at EVE."

My Thoughts:

How can we not choose God after reading something like that? It broke my heart to hear God's heart cry and to think that he put woman on earth to be the epitomy of how His heart is towards us!!! Just think about bf's and gf's today......what do you do? what is romantic? Beaches and flowers and sunsets and rivers and streams. We love all that when we are dating someone, but GOD gave us and designed the whole earth and all the flowers in it and every sunset as a gift to us as we are in relationship with HIM!!! That thought totally blows my mind!! If you do not know Jesus in this way, then look in your heart and make things right and CHOOSE this loving, incredible, awesome, passionate, merciful God!! He is so amazing and all he wants is YOU!!!


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Cameron Sharpe said...

LOVE is TOO STRONG to control your feelings. You may have reasons to engage yourself into a relationship such as this - having a bf or gf older or younger than you are but the thing is, it's all about the commitment and the chemistry of handling a good relationship. These are natural reasons but there's always a deeper basis once you are in that relationship. Just a thought. Thanks for the blog :)