Saturday, February 13, 2010


One Girl I "dated" used to say I have the ultimate "man hands". Dry, covered in scars, deformed at parts and often bleeding from cuts and dried scars; they are the ultimate tool of a working man. My hands have been through everything like; being bitten, scraped, burned, cut, broken, and more. The most noticeable part being the scars across the top of my knuckles.( thus giving me the nickname "knuckles")

Every year about winter time my hands start to dry out from the weather. Since the skin on my knuckles is scar tissue it dries out the worst. When dry, scar tissue is very hard to get moisturized and keep it there. Once the cold and dry weather sets in my hands are done for; the knuckles dry out and crack open. This brings me a lot of pain having open knuckles with all I do to my hands. Chemicals, hot water, and just about anything that touches my hand amplifies the pain felt by the open wounds across the back of the hand. There have been many nights I have not been able to get to sleep because my hands hurt so bad. It sucks working at a coffee shop and dealing with hot liquids and chemicals all the time.

A person uses their hands so much how could you help but be reminded of the wounds you have.

With our hands we inflict and receive pain to others. We use them to build and destroy the physical, they are the means to interact with material things. I just thought of a little prayer about my hands to say during my problems

Here are my hands; broken, imperfect and hurting.
Seems they are not too far off from what I was and currently am.
Lord, that in my pain it would remain a reminded of what you have done for me.
That in my pain I would be something that sets my heart to bring peace and love to others.
Oh, my hands are because of what they have been through, not too different from what I now am.
Thank you, even for the pain. You are good."

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