Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bride, Son and Servant?

We were having a prayer time and started praying about being servants of Christ. In the bible we are called to be servants of Christ, and yet we are called Sons and the Bride of Christ? Would seem to me that these are 3 different elements.

Servant: Serves the masters will, does the work that is asked of him by the master. A servant in biblical times was usually someone who was debted to the master. He had a debt that he owed and sold himself into servanthood in order to pay it off. It was a choice they made to work for the master instead of going to jail for what they owed. In the same way we are to do the work of the master, we are not only ment to serve but that servanthood was bought at a price and is nearly a work owed to the master for what he has done.

Son: So often it seems that people think the way a child acts is a reflection of the parents. In the same way we should be a reflection of God whom has redeemed us. When people look at us do they see just another person or a person who has been saved by grace and reflects their father in heaven?

The Bride: The bride is the most intimate person in your life, they know everything about you and you know everything about them. God calls us his bride and this is no small task. We are to know Christ deeper than anyone else, and not in any small detail. We are called to be in a deeply intimate relationship in which we know God just as deeply as he knows us.

Made me really think last night.

Just a thought.


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